Shaun Martin Three-o + Electric Kif

Dunedin Brewery, 937 Douglas Ave, Dunedin, FL

Shaun Martin's Three-0 & Electric Kif launch a southeast tour February 19th beginning in South Florida.

The Shaun Martin Three-O is a Jazz Fusion trio consisting of Mike “Blaque Dynamite” Mitchell on Drums and Matt Ramsey on Bass Guitar. Coming together in Dallas, Texas around 2018, the Three-O is making it’s explosive mark as it enters the music scene. Headed by frontman, pianist, and multi -Grammy award winner Shaun Martin, who’s widely known for his work with Grammy awardees Snarky Puppy, and Kirk Franklin, they are getting hot with no signs of slowing down. Their debut album “Three-O” will be released in 2020.

Electric Kif are a Miami-based power quartet that explore the boundaries between rock, jazz fusion and electronic drum & bass. They are a dynamic mash of hard hitting groove, high octane riffs and cosmic melody. Their new album, JEFE, marks an evolution and sweetening of the band’s unique chemistry. Known for their aptitude of seamlessly dipping in and out genres, Electric Kif approach their latest work in symmetry, where no one individual takes charge over the other. The result is a textured sound of infectious rhythm, grooving low-end, edgy rock guitars and an analog spectrum of experimental keyboards.