Jon Ditty presents... Off The Dome (Freestyle Hip-Hop Open Mic)

Dunedin Brewery, 937 Douglas Ave, Dunedin, FL

From the guy who brought you Dunedin Lyricist Society... Jon Ditty hosts OFF THE DOME (Freestyle Hip-Hop Open Mic), an evening of rap shenanigans, where all vocal performance is entirely improvised—taking place MONTHLY, every 2nd Tuesday. Whether you are a self-proclaimed MC, or simply want to test your skills on the mic, OTD provides a safe platform to do so without scrutiny. Try your hand at numerous rap games and exercises that seek to improve mental sharpness and cunning on-the-spot. Perform over nostalgic, mainstream, underground, and/or unconventional hip-hop instrumentals (chosen at random). The results are highly entertaining, both for participants AND the audience. Each month will feature a special guest performance by a local artist, who will also be participating in the freestyle activities. Free Entry | All Ages RULES: 1) No Writtens 2) No Judgement 3) No Exceptions *Come with the intention to participate, not to shine.